From Rome to the Arena di Verona



If you’re in Rome, the Eternal City, you’ll certainly have had the opportunity of admiring the renowned Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre; the Baroque Piazza Navona; Piazza di Spagna, which hosts the famous 135 Spanish Steps and the house of English poet John Keats; the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to the gods, with its imposing hemispherical dome; St. Peter’s basilica at the Vatican, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, timeless beauties that continue to fascinate people from all over the world. Lastly, you will undoubtedly have been enchanted by the marvellous fountain of Trevi, with its rococo style, featured in the renowned film scene in which Anita Ekberg plunged into its water, in Federico Fellini’s masterpiece, La Dolce Vita.


If you like cities full of history and timeless culture, you just have to visit Verona too!

Verona also offers you the possibility of experiencing to the full art and architecture of the past, which continue to be found along its streets and in its squares, in perfect harmony with modernity.

In Verona, the ancient Romans built a "small Colosseum": the suggestive Arena di Verona, originally hosted shows and games in Roman times. Nowadays, this extraordinary amphitheatre, which is in an excellent state of preservation, hosts the Opera Festival and here, every year, famous singers and orchestra conductors appear on the stage and podium, ensuring audiences an unforgettable experience.

If you visit Verona, don’t miss the unrepeatable opportunity of experiencing opera in a theatre that really is one of a kind.


Treat yourself to a ticket for the Arena di Verona Opera Festival: check out ticket prices on this page!

by car

Approximately 500 km separate the city of Rome from Verona; travelling by car, you’ll reach your destination in approximately 5 hours.

We suggest you take the A1DIR/E35, continue on the A1 and then the A22/E45, following indications for Verona.

Check the map to see your route in detail.



In Verona, it is possible to park in zones adjacent to the old town centre. Check out this page.


by train

Do you prefer not to drive and would rather travel by bus? You can reach Verona choosing between fast regional, Frecce and Italo trains with just one change at the most!

Once you arrive at Verona Porta Nuova station, you can easily make use of the ATV town transport, which will take you to Piazza Bra in a few minutes.

If, after a night at the opera, you want to stay overnight in Verona, visit this page and consider the offers and promotions most suited to your needs.

by bus

If you prefer a bus trip, you can take advantage of the suburban buses and long distance coaches that often offer convenient advantageous prices.

Lastly, we suggest you end your trip to Verona with a night at the Arena di Verona and if you don’t know where to stay overnight, visit the following Web site there is no lack of good proposals!

travel table

Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departures Arrival

3 hrs. 10 min approximately


Rome Termini
railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova

Fast trains
(Fast Regional, Frecciargento,
Frecciarossa, Eurocity)

from 3 to 4 hours approx.
(according to the combination of trains chose and one change at the most)  


Rome Termini
railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova


5 hours approximately

 500 km 




from 6 to 8 hours approximately

500 km

Rome Tiburtina
Autostazione terminus

Verona Porta Nuova
railway station