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10 wonders not to be missed

Much evidence of Verona’s long history is to be found in the city centre. The centre and surroundings are easily accessible on foot.


Piazza Bra is dominated by the imposing Roman amphitheatre Arena, built in the 1st century CE, although historians and architects still disagree on the precise date of its construction. It is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres, the third largest in Europe after the Colosseum in Rome and the Campano Amphitheatre near Naples.


To the south-east of the square, close to the gardens, is the neoclassical Palazzo Barbieri, now home to the City Hall, built in the 17th century for military purposes. To the south of the square is the recently restored Palazzo della Gran Guardia, now a venue for important events and exhibitions.


On the western side of the square runs the wide pavement called Liston, a traditional walking spot for the Veronese. Adjacent to the square is Corso Cavour, which coincides with Via Postumia, home to the imposing Castelvecchio, originally known as the Castle of San Martino in Aquaro, an important military building of the famous Della Scala rulers.

From Piazza Bra

walk along Via Mazzini (one of the most famous shopping streets) and turn right into Via Cappello at number 23. On the left, you can see and visit the courtyard of Juliet's House with its charming balcony. Going back along the route and past the entrance to Via Mazzini (on the left), you come to Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient Roman forum, known for its daily fruit and vegetable market. Adjacent to this square, on the right-hand side is Piazza dei Signori (also known as Piazza Dante), Verona's salon; from here, you can catch a glimpse of the nearby Arche Scaligere and enter the courtyard of the Old Market, and from here, the Torre dei Lamberti with its spectacular views of the city. If you continue towards the Adige and walk alongside the river, you will reach Ponte Pietra, where, on the other side of the Adige, is the Roman Theatre, which in summer hosts important theatre and ballet performances, and Castel San Pietro, which is located on the top of a hill of the same name.


A popular destination for many tourists is Lake Garda, known for its mild Mediterranean climate and picturesque location in the mountains to the north of the city.

10 specialities to try

If you come to Verona to spend a long holiday or even just for a short weekend, just long enough to attend one of the performances at the Arena, there are some traditions you should definitely honour. We recommend the following specialities, which in our opinion, undoubtedly represent the best of Veronese tradition:

Wines from the area of Bardolino, Soave, Custoza, Valpolicella and the famous Amarone.

Risotto al Tastasal, Risotto with Amarone from the Sartori wineries, and Gnocchi Sbatùi, accompanied by a generous sprinkling of Grana Padano.

Lesso con la pearà [boiled meat with a special sauce] and Pastissada de caval o de musso [a local stew made with horse or donkey meat].

Pandoro, a typical Christmas cake, and Baci di Giulietta [Juliet's Kisses].


Getting around in Verona


Much of the city centre is closed to traffic, except for residents, authorised vehicles and cars going to hotels. The pedestrian areas in the centre are: Via Roma, Via Mazzini, Via Cappello, Via Leoni and Corso Porta Borsari.



The radio taxi service operates 24 hours a day and is available in Piazza Bra and at the Verona Porta Nuova railway station. Other taxi ranks can be found in Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza San Zeno, at the Borgo Trento hospital and the Borgo Roma hospital.


Telephone: +39 0450532666

Sms Taxi: +39 3403210021


Public transport services are provided by ATV, which operates all urban (Verona and districts) and suburban (province of Verona) lines. Tickets can be purchased at company ticket offices, tobacconists, newsagents, and on the bus (from the driver). See the updated rates.


There is a bicycle rental service, Verona Bike, with stalls located throughout the centre and beyond. Hereyou will find an updated map of the stations.

Book a Hotel

Verona has a wide range of hotels in the city centre and in the province of Verona. There is the possibility to find hotels and accommodation both on the hills around the city, immersed in nature amidst the vineyards of a fabulous landscape, and on Lake Garda, in the immediate vicinity of Verona. For more information about the area, services and events planned in Verona and its surroundings, you can visit the portal of the Municipality of Verona dedicated to tourism


If you have already purchased your tickets for the Opera Festival, but do not yet know where to stay, check out the promotional and exclusive offers on Verona Up, the free and secure service for your stay in Verona and province.

Useful information

For tourist information, please contact the Tourist Information and Reception Office -I.A.T. - Piazza Bra/ via degli Alpini 9.

For information on the scheduling of the various trade fairs in Verona, please visit the Veronafiere website

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