2021 First class priority service for the spectators 2020

General information

Due to the impossibility of staging the 51 scheduled shows, the 2020 Arena Opera Festival has been postponed until 2021.

The 2021 Festival of the Fondazione Arena di Verona will present the productions originally planned for the 2020 Festival, with the addition of further top-grade events.


Did you choose the First Class Priority Service? Your tickets are safe and they all will be sent within the end of October 2020! Thank you for your patience.


Our heartfelt thanks go to the thousands of spectators who decided to take advantage of the first option service for the 2021 Festival and look to the future with confidence along with us, with a significant act full of affection and hope that supports the work of numerous theatre workers, artists, technicians and professionals.


Those who have not yet converted their tickets, can see the following frequently asked questions.

Can I donate the cost of my ticket(s) to supporting the activity and workers of Fondazione Arena di Verona?

It is possible to donate the cost of one’s ticket(s) in favour of Fondazione activities. All spectators who take advantage of the first option service or decide to donate the cost of their tickets will be included in two special lists on the Web site and will receive a letter of thanks on behalf of the Fondazione.


I do not have a ticket for the 2020 Festival to change, but I would like to purchase a ticket for the 2021 Festival, how should I proceed?

Tickets for 2021 are already on sale!



Tour operator and travel agency conditions will be communicated directly to the Festival’s partners.

I have purchased a ticket for a pop/rock concert, how can I find out if it is confirmed?

Fondazione Arena di Verona is responsible for the organization of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival during the summer and the Artistic Season at the Teatro Filarmonico during the winter/spring. We are not the organizers of other non-operatic events. We suggest you contact the respective organizers directly.

Do you need assistance?

If you need assistance you can write an email to or contact our call center at +39 045 800 5151