How to contact us

Contacts and phone numbers for ticket booking, artistic areas, administrative, technical, business and communication offices

Ticket Office

Main Ticket Office – Via dietro Anfiteatro 6/b , 37121 Verona
fax +39 045 8013287
call center +39 045 8005151
Information and assistance

Ticket office Teatro Filarmonico – via dei Mutilati 4/k, 37121 Verona
You can purchase your tickets for the performances at Teatro Filarmonico also at the Main Arena Ticket Office
tel +39 045 8002880
fax +39 045 8013266


Special Commissioner Giuliano Polo

General Manager

Operations Director Francesca Tartarotti

Press Office Manager 

Artistic Department

Artistic Director

Director of stage design Michele Olcese

Administration Department

Human Resources Director Francesca Tartarotti

Human Resources Manager Clara Bogoni invio curriculum vitae

Administration and Management Control Director Andrea Delaini

Procurement and Logistics Manager Alberto Peretti 

Sales and Communication Department

Sales and Marketing Manager Corrado Ferraro

Technical Department

 Superintendent Assistant for Security, representing the employer Michele Olcese
Technical Director Michele Olcese