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Canceled or stopped shows | 29.07.2022

Was the show you were ticketed for canceled or stopped? Here's what to do

What happens if the show is cancelled or stopped (due to bad weather or other reasons)?


In case of permanent suspension of the show after it has started, it is not possible to refund the ticket.

In case of permanent suspension of the show before the end of the first act, you will be entitled to a 50% discount on the full price of a same-category ticket for another play for this year's Festival or next year’s Festival.

In the event of final cancellation of the show before it begins, you may request a refund of the ticket price through the sales channel from which you originally purchased the ticket.

Refunds may be requested from the day after and up to 14 days after the date of the show cancellation.

Provided that the refund request is submitted according to the terms specified above, please note that only the nominal sales price specified on the ticket will be refunded. 


For the suspended show on 07/29/2022 (Nabucco):


Exceptionally, since only a few minutes of the performance were performed, all spectators with a 29/7 ticket can return for a show at the Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2022 or 2023 requesting a ticket at the symbolic price of € 2.50 in the same seat category purchased for Nabucco, for the next shows of 2022 (except for the dates of 12/08, 25/08, 01/09, 02/09, 03/09 and 04/09) and 2023 (except for the dates of 16 / 06, 17/06, 19/07, 23/07, 06/08, 20/08, 31/08), subject to availability.


Here's how to request your ticket for 2,50€:


Online (starting Tuesday 2 August).

1. click here:
2. first of all, if you have not already done so, you will need to register on the site and access your personal area by logging in
3. select "Arena Opera Festival 2022" or "Arena Opera Festival 2023" (2023 is already on sale!) from the top menu
4. choose your favorite show subject to availability and excluding the above dates
5. choose the seats in the sector you purchased for Nabucco 29/07 and select the "in the cart" option (each cart max 10 seats)
6. when the cart detail appears, you will need to select the "Next" option.
7. enter the fiscal seal of your ticket (you can find the fiscal seal on the ticket: it's the alphanumeric series of 16 characters preceded by the letters S.F.:) in the "Customer card / Promotional code" section. If you have more tickets for 07/29/2022 enter the fiscal seals one at a time.
At each insertion it is also necessary to click on the button next to the “Customer card / Promotional code” section to see the amount recalculated.
8. once you have entered all the fiscal seals of your tickets, you will see the new total recalculated at the bottom of the page (plus any operator fees) and, after selecting the payment method (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), you can complete your purchase .


At the ticket office.

You can also buy your new ticket by going to the central ticket office in Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6 / b, open from Monday (closed on Monday 15/08/2022) to Sunday from 9.15 to 17.15 (on show days from 9.30 until hours. beginning of the performance), bringing your original ticket with you.


At the physical point of sale

who issued your ticket (travel agency - authorized dealer) by showing the original ticket.


By e-mail.

Write to indicating the chosen date, attaching a copy of your original ticket dated 29/07/2022.

On Ticketone
visiting this link.


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