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Dear Guest:

the current pandemic containment decree allows the Arena to be at full capacity when in the white zone. As of 1 May 2022 , it is no longer obligatory to present a Green Pass and wear a mask to access performances in the Arena amphitheatre.

Due to the constantly changing regulations, we recommend that you check this section periodically for updates and to verify which are the regulations in force before the date of your attendance.

Please, find below our FAQ. We hope they will address any questions or concerns.

Updated on 3 May 2022




I have a voucher issued following the cancellation of the 2020 Festival due to Covid. When is it valid till?

The vouchers have a validity of 36 months from the date of issue (the date indicated on the document in your possession will be considered valid).

Vouchers can be used as a form of total or partial payment for tickets regarding the shows scheduled for the Arena Opera Festival 2022 on the site


What happens to my voucher once it expires?

At the end of the 36 months, although not foreseen by law, Fondazione Arena di Verona has decided to reimburse any vouchers not yet used.


Can I cancel or modify my ticket?

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for another date and/or sector.

Tickets refunds before the event are never provided.


I would like to purchase a ticket but I am afraid that the Covid rules do not allow me to participate if I am positive. What can I do?

As a rule we do not refund purchased tickets.

However, we are aware that Covid-19 can make it genuinely impossible to come to Verona. In this case, the ticket holder can choose to exchange the ticket for a different date during the same Festival (2023).

The following are considered as objective hindrances:

- Proven health reasons due to the Covid-19 emergency;

- Prohibition of travel to Italy was established by the country of departure;

- Prohibition of landing in Italy;

- Lack of flights for reaching Verona easily.

Please contact for assistance.


What happens in the event of bad weather?

Should weather conditions prevent a performance from being staged as scheduled, Fondazione Arena di Verona may postpone the beginning by up to 150 minutes. In the event of a performance being stopped after it has begun, spectators will have no right to a refund of the ticket price. See the regulations for further information. 


I am a disabled person and the person accompanying me is a disabled person: is a reduction in ticket price foreseen in this case?

For all information regarding access to disabled spectators, we advise you to consult the dedicated page here.


I am unable to print out my ticket – can I show it in electronic format?

It is not necessary to print your ticket, you can also enter by showing the ticket on your smartphone.


I would like to bring my children to the opera, at what age are they allowed to enter? Is a discount foreseen for families?

Children can enter the Arena from the age of 4. A package dedicated to families is not foreseen, however, your can visit our web page dedicated to Arena young.


Is it possible to purchase tickets for the shows using the “carta docente” for teachers?

Yes. All info can be found here.


What time should I arrive?

To ensure correct management of the entrances and to avoid delays, the spectator is required to arrive at the Arena at least one hour before the start of the show.

The gates open two hours before the show starts.


Is specific dress code compulsory for admittance to the shows?

There is no compulsory dress code.

In the stalls seats, a smart dress is preferable and shorts, tank tops/vests and thong sandals ARE NOT ALLOWED for men.


Is cloakroom service available?

No, there is no cloakroom service.


Is the opera libretto included in the price of the ticket?

No, but it can be purchased before the beginning of the show at the Arena shop at gate 10


Can I bring a small backpack, umbrella and cushion?

Yes, it is possible to enter with a small backpack and a small/folding umbrella (with no sharp points). On the other hand, it is forbidden to introduce cases, trolley cases, bags, backpacks or other bulky containers (over 17 litres).

If you have a seat on the stone steps, you can bring a cushion from home or purchase one at the Arena from the venue staff.


Can I bring food or drinks?

It is not possible to bring food or drinks into the Arena. Plastic bottles larger than 0.5 litres and any other bottle, container or glass/plastic objects are forbidden, as are any other blunt instruments that could cause damage to oneself or others.


Can I bring a camera? 

No, it is forbidden to bring video cameras, professional or semi-professional cameras, tripods or musical instruments into the Arena.


I’ll be arriving in Italy from abroad. What documents do I require?

If you want information on the documents necessary for travelling to and in Italy, click here.


At what times is it possible to visit the Arena as a monument? Is it necessary have a Green Pass?

We advise you to obtain this type of info on the Verona Municipality website using the following link.


I have a ticket for a pop concert that has been postponed to 2022. When will I receive the new ticket?

For all the non-operatic events scheduled, we advise you to find info on the websites of the relative organizers or on the site of the colleagues of Arena Live.


Where can I find the calendar of the Season at the Teatro Filarmonico?

You can visit the dedicated page on our website here.


Do you need a Green Pass and/or mask to access the shows in the Arena?

As of 1 May 2022, it is no longer obligatory to present a Green Pass to access performances. For performances taking place in the Arena, mask wearing is also no longer obligatory.

Since 16 June 2022, spectators at events taking place indoors (e.g. Teatro Filarmonico) no longer have to wear a mask.


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