Viva Vivaldi, an immersive show that combines music and technology

Viva Vivaldi, an immersive show that combines classical music and cutting-edge technology directed by Balich Wonder Studio and with violinist Giovanni Andrea Zanon

Fondazione Arena di Verona and Balich Wonder Studio



Viva Vivaldi. The Four Seasons Immersive Concert

28 August at the Arena di Verona


For the first time a large immersive concert with three-dimensional projections to celebrate Vivaldi's Four Seasons



Violinist Giovanni Andrea Zanon and the Arena di Verona Orchestra 

in a project by creative director Marco Balich


Under 30 tickets at 28 € on all sectors




To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the publication of Antonio Vivaldi's “The Four Seasons”, the Fondazione Arena di Verona and Balich Wonder Studio are unveiling a world premerie and revolutionary performance “Viva Vivaldi. The Four Seasons Immersive Concert” to be held at the Arena di Verona on 28 August.

On the one hand, the sacredness of music with the Fondazione Arena di Verona, known throughout the world for the quality of its productions. On the other, the cutting-edge technology of Balich Wonder Studio, leaders in live entertainment and accredited worldwide for Olympic Ceremonies from Rio 2016 to Fifa Qatar 2022.

Live, an imaginative reinterpretation of “The Four Seasons” that will also captivate new generations. And it is precisely for young people that a special under-30s promotion will be reserved: tickets for €28 in all sectors





Conceived by Marco Balich and co-produced by the Fondazione Arena di Verona, the performance will be bringing to the stage the magical alchemy of a 29-piece orchestra, strictly faithful to Vivaldi's original score and the contemporary language of immersive technology applied to the codes of classical music. The show will feature the young Giovanni Andrea Zanon, violinist and star of the classical music scene and winner of the most prestigious international competitions, together with the professors of the Arena di Verona Orchestra.

Great classical music will be accompanied by a visionary, multi-sensory show that marks a completely new approach to classical music. An extraordinary flow of high-tech, three-dimensional images will celebrate the wonder of nature through the score of “The Four Seasons”.





After “Giudizio Universale”, the show about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, Marco Balich, in collaboration with the Fondazione Arena, has designed a journey into “The Four Seasons”, an ode to Planet Earth and a profound reflection on time passing and life being reborn. Inspired by the majesty of the Roman amphitheatre and the overwhelming notes of the Venetian composer, Balich creates visions that dance over the stalls and captivate the audience to take them into a moving dimension. 

Cecilia Gasdia, General Manager of the Fondazione Arena di Verona, says: "We create new opportunities at the highest level to bring young people closer to classical music. For the first time, this technology is landing in an open-air theatre, a unique achievement that deserves its debut in the Arena."

Marco Balich, Creative Director of Balich Wonder Studio, adds: "This groundbreaking show represents a challenge for me and our team: to inspire young people and new generations with a powerful reflection on nature, time and the beauty of our world, and to make them proud and aware of our artistic and cultural heritage.” 





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