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Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for another date/or sector.


A night at the opera at Arena di Verona is a truly unique experience, the magic of which consists in the extraordinary nature of the monument, which every summer is transformed into the world’s largest open-air theatre, and the fact that the impressive stage sets have as their backdrop the sky: often clear and star-studded, but sometimes also cloudy and threatening.

Our job is to realize imposing opera performances in which over 1,300 people are involved: solo singers, members of the orchestra and chorus, dancers, extras, technicians and other specialized staff.

This undertaking sometimes becomes difficult or even impossible due to the weather conditions.

In the event of bad weather, performances are never cancelled before the time at which they are scheduled to begin. We intend doing our utmost to stage performances, to satisfy the spectators that come to Arena di Verona from all over the world precisely to see them.

Should weather conditions prevent a performance being staged as scheduled, Fondazione Arena di Verona may postpone the beginning by up to 150 minutes, before announcing its eventual cancellation. In fact, a few drops of rain are sufficient to damage the musical instruments used, which are often extremely valuable. Performances can therefore be momentarily stopped, even several times.

In the event of a performance being stopped after it has begun, spectators will have no right to a refund of the ticket price,
Should the opera be definitively stopped before the end of Act 1, you will have a right to purchase a ticket, of the same category as the original ticket, with a discount of approximately 50% on the full price for another performance during the current Festival or the following year’s Festival.

These measures are intended to safeguard spectators’ rights without prejudicing the Festival’s financial sustainability; in fact, even if a performance is cancelled or only partially staged, Fondazione Arena must nevertheless sustain the costs of its staging.



We would like to inform you that in the event of a cancelled performance, carnet or open tickets will not be refunded. They may be exchanged at the ticket office, for a seat of the same value for a subsequent season performance, subject to seat availability. These tickets can be refunded only in the event that the cancelled performance is the last one of the artistic season.

Refunds can be requested:
  • at the Ticket office: handing tickets in to the Fondazione Arena di Verona ticket office – Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6b - 37121 Verona – immediately after the announcement of the cancellation of the performance or on the following fifteen days, during normal opening hours.
  • by filling in the on line refund form within 15 days from the date of the cancellation of the performance and attaching or sending the actual tickets. You’ll get a recap of all the given data via e-mail. Should some of your info be wrong please send the correct one to

Requests for ticket reimbursement for cancelled performances will also be accepted beyond the above stated deadline, provided they arrive by, and no later than, 31st October of the year of the Festival in question. In these cases, the Fondazione Arena di Verona will reimburse the price of the ticket minus the imposed taxes.

The filling of the refund form will be enabled only for the performances that will be officially cancelled by the Direction of Fondazione Arena di Verona.

For more info read the complete Spectator Regulations


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