Print the card and give your Open Ticket as a gift

Have you purchased an Open Ticket? Here is a greetings card you can print out to give as a present to anyone you want!

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of  a thrilling experience: give them an Open Ticket to the Arena Opera Festival and let them choose the performance they want to see! A gift they will never forget.


Have you purchased an Open Ticket?

Print and fill out your greetings card 

to give it to whoever you want!


Click on the image to download it: you can write your order number, amount, and type of tickets given away.




Remember: these printable cards have no legal value and do not constitute an admission ticket for the Arena. To gain access to the show, the person receiving your gift must first redeem their Open Ticket by choosing which show date to attend. Find out how to redeem an Open Ticket.


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