Tutti insieme al Filarmonico con Pinocchio…in variazioni!

Fondazione Arena dedicates Saturday afternoons to families

Teatro Filarmonico

Saturday, 25 November - 3:30pm


Fondazione Arena di Verona is set to enchant audiences with the timeless fairytale character Pinocchio on Saturday, 25 November, at 3:30 pm. “Pinocchio... in Variazioni!” marks the final performance of the “Tutti insieme al Filarmonico” series. This family-friendly show for children aged 4 and above invites multiple generations to experience a miniature musical masterpiece suitable for all ages, perfect for those new to the world of theatre. Its brief duration ensures a light and captivating experience. Affordable for everyone, full fare tickets are priced at 10 euros, and reduced tickets for children under 14 are available for 5 euros.

Under the baton of the young Veronese conductor, Leonardo Benini, the Fondazione Arena Orchestra will bring to life Paolo Furlani's creation, narrated by actor Gianni Franceschini.

The Teatro Filarmonico stage (entrance from Via Mutilati 4 and Via Roma 3) will showcase the unpublished story of Collodi's iconic fairy tale, 140 years after its initial publication. A musical theme intricately linked with the protagonist will undergo 36 transformations, mirroring the 36 chapters of the novel, based on a range of situations, events, and emotions. This symphonic interpretation of Pinocchio serves as an “educational listening” journey for the audience, who will be able to appreciate the orchestra's timbres and instrument combinations. The theme itself is based on the “Ballo di sattiri et baccante” from the Musiche fatte nelle nozze dello illustrissimo duca di Firenze (1539).

The event, open to the public, will be preceded by two morning shows on Wednesday, 22 November, and Thursday, 23 November, dedicated to schools and already sold out. 

Tickets for the Saturday show are available for purchase at the Fondazione Arena Ticket Office and online at www.arena.it.


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TICKET PRICES Single unnumbered seat
ADULTS (15 years and over) €10
CHILDREN (up to 14 years) €5


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