Tutti insieme al Filarmonico with Fondazione Arena di Verona

Two Special Family Shows on Saturday afternoon

Sala Filarmonica - Via Roma 1

Saturday, 28 October · 3:30pm

Teatro Filarmonico

Saturday, 25 November · 3:30pm


Fondazione Arena di Verona welcomes the autumn season with two delightful events in a mini-show series: “Tutti insieme al Filarmonico”, specially designed for families with children aged 4 and above. These shows offer an opportunity for multiple generations to explore mini music and musical theatre masterpieces suitable for all ages, making them enjoyable for those encountering the world of theatre for the first time.  The show’s brief duration ensures a light and captivating experience. Ticket prices are inclusive, with the full fare set at 10 euros and a reduced ticket price of 5 euros for children under 14.

The first event takes place on Saturday, 28 October at 3:30 pm in the Sala Filarmonica (formerly a cinema, entrance on Via Roma 1), featuring two timeless classics: Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant by Francis Poulenc and Il Carnevale degli Animali by Camille Saint-Saëns. Legend has it that Poulenc, playing the piano one day, received a critique from his granddaughter, who said: “This music is boring! Why don’t you place this instead? showing him her favourite fairy tale book: the 1931 story of the elephant Babar by Jean de Brunhoff, which had quickly gained popularity. L'Histoire de Babar narrates the adventures of the little elephant in a formative tale for all ages, accompanied by Poulenc's music and the narrating voice of actor Solimano Pontarollo. Camille Saint-Saëns' Il Carnevale degli animali comprises 14 pieces, each depicting a different animal—a sonic zoo composed during the 1886 carnival period for pure amusement (the author even forbade its publication). Each composition stands out with unique instrumentation, style, and timbre. In fact, the composer used the pieces to humorously portray fellow musicians, a kind of musical caricature of those who, like him, made music or simply criticised it. A notable instance is the depiction of the Tartaruga (turtle), where Saint-Saëns employs a famous can-can theme by his peer Offenbach, but in slow motion. Guiding the Fondazione Arena Orchestra through these musical tales is the talented young conductor Nicolò Jacopo Suppa.

The second event is scheduled for Saturday, 25 November, once again at 3:30pm, this time at the Teatro Filarmonico (entrance on Via Mutilati 4 and Via Roma 3). The performance, titled Pinocchio in... variazioni!, presents a fresh take on Collodi's famous fable, marking 140 years since its publication, guided by a narrator. A musical theme associated with the protagonist undergoes 36 transformations, mirroring the 36 chapters of the novel, reflecting various situations, events, and emotions of Pinocchio. This symphonic interpretation of Pinocchio serves as an “educational listening” journey for the audience, who will be able to appreciate the orchestra's timbres and instrument combinations. Under the baton of the young Veronese conductor, Leonardo Benini, the Fondazione Arena Orchestra will bring to life Paolo Furlani's creation, narrated by actor Gianni Franceschini.

Both events are already on sale at the Fondazione Arena Ticket Office and online at www.arena.it 


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TICKET PRICES Single unnumbered seat
ADULTS (15 years and over) €10
CHILDREN (up to 14 years) €5



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