Fondazione Arena strings at the teatro filarmonico with Sergej Krylov

Renowned Violinist Sergei Krylov Returns to Verona: A Captivating Performance as Soloist and Conductor in a Powerful Programme Dedicated to the 20th Century

On Friday, 3 November, and Saturday, 4 November, the strings and percussion sections of the Arena Orchestra will showcase three groundbreaking contemporary compositions: the debut performance of pieces by Pärt, Bartók, and Ezio Bosso in Verona 

11th Concert 

Music by Pärt, Bosso and Bartók 

Sergej Krylov Conductor and violin


Friday, 3 November - 8pm

Saturday, 4 November - 5pm

Teatro Filarmonico, Verona


Over the weekend, Fondazione Arena will stage a diverse exploration of twentieth-century music, featuring three compositions spanning from 1939 to 2005, specifically designed for a string ensemble accompanied by timpani and percussion. The programme seeks to offer the audience a journey into contemporary music free from barriers and prejudices, featuring the exceptional conductor and violin virtuoso, Sergei Krylov, who has received acclaim multiple times in Verona. The 11th symphony concert premieres on Friday, 3 November at 8pm, with a repeat performance on Saturday, 3 November at 5 pm. The anticipated duration is approximately 80 minutes, including an interval. Tickets, as well as new mini-carnets, are available for purchase via the following link:  

The performance commences with the mesmerising soundscape of “Fratres” by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, a prominent figure in the “simple” revolution of the late twentieth century, which also captivated the world of cinema through the technique of “tintinnabulation”. Originally composed in 1977, this piece has undergone various adaptations for different ensembles over the past thirty years. In this rendition, it is presented in the version for solo violin, string orchestra, and percussion. 

Sergei Krylov, once again taking on the dual role of soloist and conductor, is a “classical” musician who has frequently been honoured with dedications of new compositions. In Verona, he acts as a guarantor, should the need arise, for the potential premiere of a piece by the late Ezio Bosso, a prolific composer with whom he shared a fruitful artistic collaboration for over a decade. The concert, titled The EsoConcerto for violin, strings, and tympanum, is a precious composition from 2005, characterised by its richness in melody and momentum. It derives its name from the painter Eso Belluzzi, in whose house Bosso resided and to whom he dedicated the three canonical movements of the concerto. These movements are accompanied by subtitles representing phases of the composer's creative process: Determination, Solitude, Rebellion. 

Concluding the programme is Béla Bartók's Divertimento per archi, a Hungarian composition that delicately balances the exploration of local dances and folklore with a personal reinterpretation of classical forms, as indicated by its title, from fugue to rondo. This innovative approach to the past was conceived in 1939, just on the brink of the world war that compelled the composer to reluctantly and permanently leave Europe. 

The Fondazione Arena di Verona would like to thank BCC di Verona e Vicenza and Metinvest – Saving Lives for their support of the 2023 Artistic Season at the Teatro Filarmonico as the main sponsors.


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Friday, 3 November at 8pm Slot A

Saturday, 4 November at 5pm Slot B


11th Concert



Sergej Krylov Conductor and violin


Aarvo PÃRT (1935-living)

Fratres for violin, string and percussion orchestra

Universal Editions, Vienna. Italian Representative: Casa Ricordi, Milan. Duration: approx. 10 minutes


Ezio BOSSO (1971-2020)

Concert No. 1 The Esoconcerto for violin and orchestra 

Buxus Editions. Duration: approx. 28 minutes

Allegro molto - Adagio - Allegro con fuoco


Béla BARTÓK (1925-2003)

Divertimento per archi BB 118 SZ 113 

Boosey & Hawkes Editions, London. Italian Representative: Casa Ricordi, Milan. Duration: approx. 26 minutes

Allegro non troppo – Molto adagio – Allegro assai


Fondazione Arena di Verona Orchestra


Performance time: approx. 80 minutes, including an interval



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