"È tutta scena e ve la racconto...": the new series by Marco Malvaldi for Arena di Verona

Fondazione Arena di Verona, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, presents the series "È tutta scena e ve la racconto..." by Marco Malvaldi. The first episode is dedicated to "Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi.

Did you know that Gioachino Rossini took approximately two weeks to compose Il barbiere di Siviglia?

Or that it contains what is to all effects, the first rap in music history?

Yes, precisely a rap. There again, Marco Malvaldi ensures us, “Figaro is pop”. But perhaps not everybody knows who Figaro really is...



In the fourth episode of "È tutta scena e ve la racconto..." the series of Fondazione Arena di Verona in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, the author of I delitti del BarLume enables us to discover a whole series of curious facts regarding the most popular opera buffa of all time. That's right, but now that we think about it… why “buffa”?

One thing is certain: for two hundred years, attending a performance of Il barbiere di Siviglia, spectators have the sensation that “the world is not such a bad place, since it contains music like this”.

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