Arena Young 2024

Fondazione Arena announces a year of events, promotions and educational courses for young minds, schools of all levels, academies, and universities

From 17 January to 20 December 2024, the Teatro Filarmonico and Sala Filarmonica will host 57 events, comprising a range of performances, previews of operas, concerts, ballets, preludes, and presentation talks for students and families



Following the announcement of the Opera, Ballet, Symphony and Chamber Music Seasons, and the 101st Edition of the Summer Festival, the Fondazione Arena's 2024 programme has been further enriched with a series of Arena Young initiatives. Arena Young – an educational initiative launched in 1998 for the generations of tomorrow – has evolved over the years and has been revamped for 2024 with numerous new features. The programme comprises 57 events, blending educational experiences with cultural enrichment at the Teatro Filarmonico and in the Sala Filarmonica. 

Arena Young events and courses are intended for students of all ages, fostering a connection between the worlds of education and theatre. Participants get to learn all about our cultural heritage with a hands-on approach through a host of activities designed for all age groups. To book activities and shows, please contact the Fondazione Arena di Verona Education and Schools Team on 0458051933 or

One of our most popular initiatives is “School Previews” (Anteprima Scuola), comprising six general rehearsals of opera and ballet performances exclusively open to schools, universities, conservatories, academies of fine arts, and the Verona Accademia per l’Opera. Each rehearsal includes an in-depth discussion in the Sala Filarmonica before the main performance.

Our “Return to the Theatre” (Ritorno a teatro) initiative has been renamed to “Let’s Go to the Theatre” (Andiamo a teatro) this season. The initiative allows both young and adult audiences to experience live theatre, opera and concerts, and participate in pre-performance sessions that provide insights into the plot, characters, and artistic language of theatre and music – be it an opera, symphony or ballet – in an informal setting with the artists and creators involved. Each Andiamo a Teatro event is unique and takes place on two separate dates, coinciding with midweek performances of opera, ballet and symphony concerts. 

Our “Theatre Tells Its Story” (Il Teatro si racconta) initiative has also been upgraded with ten new productions dedicated specifically to children, teenagers, and students, varying in topics, styles, and age ranges. The 2024 season will open on 17 and 18 January with the fifth Mozart in Verona festival co-organised by the Fondazione Arena in 2020 in collaboration with leading city institutions. Arena Young will host the “Mozart k1, k2, k3...stella!” show for pre-school and early primary school years for the very first time. The second event, on 25 January, is a poignant opera. “L’imperatore di Atlantide” written by Viktor Ullmann, takes place in Terezin concentration camp. The opera – “born out of the depths of the abyss” – seeks to describe and ascribe meaning to the darkest period in recent human history, Nazism and its laws, through music and theatre. The performance will take place again on Remembrance Day (Saturday, 27 January) and will be open to all citizens. February sees the debut of “Fairy Tales on the Phone: The King Who Had to Die” (Favole al telefono: il re che doveva morire), a captivating show inspired by Gianni Rodari’s fairy tales. March brings a special event to the grand stage of the Teatro Filarmonico: “Il Campiello Young”, an opera adaptation of Carlo Goldoni's masterpiece, presented to young audiences with an orchestra, singers, and a narrator. Similarly, Verdi's timeless masterpiece, “Aida”, will be narrated with musicians, singers, and a unique Aida Sand Art artist in real time. In April, the new “Opera: Mysteries in Melody-Tosca” (Opera in giallo-Tosca) format will make its debut. In this unprecedented narrative inspired by Puccini's masterpiece, young participants step into the shoes of actual detectives, collaboratively unravelling the characters' tales with the narrator to solve a thrilling murder mystery. The tribute to Puccini on the 100th anniversary of his birth extends into autumn with “Le Villi”, his first-ever opera. Two subsequent events are seamlessly intertwined with the “adults” season programme, presenting shortened and adapted versions of Rossini's “Cinderella” for opera enthusiasts and Tchaikovsky's “Swan Lake” for dance aficionados. The year concludes with a series of delightful surprises for little ones in an all-new show, “The Magic Panettone” (Il Panettone magico). 

Five of these performances will also take place on Saturday afternoons as part of the expanded “Daydreaming: Family Theatre Time!” (Sogniamo ad occhi aperti: a Teatro in Famiglia!) series. The festival is not exclusively reserved for schools; rather, it encourages the inclusive participation of both adults and children in the world of theatre. With shorter durations and discounted prices, those interested in attending can purchase tickets via the Fondazione Arena Ticket Office, the website, our social media channels, or TicketOne. 

In addition to these engagements, the 101st Edition of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2024 will include the “Schools and Universities at the Opera” (Scuola e Università all’Opera) initiative, which offers reduced-price rates for students and staff of educational institutions. 

“Enshrined in our Statute, Fondazione Arena is dedicated to the promotion and development of art and musical entertainment, the training of technical and artistic talent, and the musical education of our community”, emphasises Cecilia Gasdia, General Manager of Fondazione Arena. “Every symphonic and lyrical foundation is aware of this commitment, and it has been reflected in the curation of special programmes over the years. Since its inception in 1998, Arena Young has consistently brought thousands of young individuals and students to the Filarmonico and Arena, fostering connections through music, theatre, and various arts and crafts, which help shape the intricate and enchanting world of opera. Committed to this journey, and in conjunction with our varied programme for 2024, Fondazione Arena seeks to strengthen its Arena Young programme for schools and extend its reach to families on Saturday afternoons. We invite everyone to enjoy the beauty of music, opera, and dance. Come and experience it all at the Teatro Filarmonico!”.



Theatre Tells Its Story (Il Teatro si racconta)

What can theatre tell us? What can it teach us after all these centuries? New projects for all age groups, from kindergarten to university, accompanied by the Fondazione Arena di Verona’s artistic ensembles.

Tickets € 3 | Accompanying adults and disabled persons are entitled to free admission


School Previews (Anteprima Scuola)

General rehearsals open to schools, conservatories and academies of fine arts, and Verona Accademia per l’Opera. In-depth discussions, optional but recommended at no extra cost, can be organised in the Sala Filarmonica upon request.

Tickets €5 | Accompanying adults and disabled persons are entitled to free admission


Let’s Go to the Theatre (Andiamo a Teatro)

An engaging opera experience with an optional but recommended meet-and-greet before the performance.

An introduction to the plot, characters and language of theatre in the prestigious Sala Maffeiana (booking required).

OPERAS: Adults €15 - Children €7 | CONCERTS: Adults €10 - Children €7 



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Daydreaming: Family Theatre Time! (Sogniamo ad occhi aperti: a Teatro in Famiglia!)

Saturday afternoon shows for families.

Individual unnumbered tickets: Adults €10 | Children (under 14) €5


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