How to fill in refund form

Come chiedere il rimborso

Printed Tickets

If you have printed tickets please follow these steps:

  • ♦ Fill in the form
  • ♦ Download and attach to the form only this image file
  • ♦ Send by registered mail your tickets together with the printed recap e-mail to Fondazione Arena di Verona, via Roma 7d - 37121 Verona, within 15 days from the date of the cancellation of the performance. Remember that the recap email will be sent to you automatically after form submission.

Please note that the attachment size limit is 2MB


Print at home

If your tickets are Print at Home and you’ve received them by e-mail :

  • ♦ Fill in the form and send it attaching the tickets.

Please note that the attachment size limit is 2MB

If your tickets are Print at Home and you’ve received them by e-mail and the files size exceed the limit of 2 MB:

  • ♦ Fill in the form splitting the tickets in some groups. The info stated in the form have to refer to the group of tickets attached and not  to the total amount of tickets to be refunded.


Refund over 2.999,99 €

If the total amount of your refund is over 2999.99 euros please attach to the form your ID document.


Fill in the form

 The filling of the refund form will be enabled only for the performances that will be officially cancelled

by the Direction of Fondazione Arena di Verona


For more info read the complete Spectator Regulations.


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