Arena di Verona

Travel Agencies or Tour Operator

If you are a tour operator or a travel agency , you can option tickets for the arena opera festival

If you are a tour operator or travel agency and are not already an authorised ticket agency,

or you have not signed an agreement with us for the resale of tickets for the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, you can reserve seats in the Arena for your groups by pre-booking them.



To make a group booking for Opera Festival performances at the Arena di Verona, you must:

> email your request to the sales office of the Arena Foundation at: 

> after checking the actual availability of seats for the required performance, we will confirm the successful booking/option of the tickets requested, specifying the expiry date of the option and the total amount to be paid;

> you will need to confirm your ticket purchase before the expiry date of the option, and, if the chosen sector type allows, specify how many customers are entitled to the reduced price (under 30s, over 65s - indicating date of birth) and then proceed with payment for the tickets at our box office. Should the reserved sector be sold out before the option expires, the box office will proceed with the request for immediate payment.
The total amount for confirmed option tickets must be paid in full by the expiry date of the option, considering also 3-4 days of time necessary for the visualization and accounting of the transfers. Once payment has been received, tickets will be sent via e-mail in PDF format or, only if specifically requested, can they be collected at the ticket office.

> it is possible to request an extension of the option by sending a second email before the expiry date. Once we have checked the availability of seats for your chosen evening, we will notify you whether or not your extension has been accepted. 

> Options not confirmed and not paid by the expiration date will automatically lapse and places will be released.


For prior verification

of ticket prices and a map of seating, please visit the specific page.

Discounts are available for age groups, educational institutions, dance schools, company social clubs and other associations. If you are acting as an agency for one of these entities, you can obtain the reduced rate on presentation of the required documentation. Prices also vary depending on the day of the week and the type of show chosen.

> No reductions are available for groups (number of participants) and there are no free seats for tour leaders.

> No commissions are paid.

> The purchase cannot be cancelled or changed for reasons within or beyond your control.

> The request for the issue of a regular tax invoice must reach our offices no later than the date of the chosen performance, stating the company name, VAT reg. no. and the order number of the group booking to be invoiced. The invoice will in any case be issued within the month following the performance date to which it relates.


Are you part of a company social club, cultural association or library and want to access the reserved rates?

Complete the form at this link.


Would you like to become an authorised agent for tickets for Fondazione Arena di Verona performances?

Write to




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