Teatro Filarmonico

Patrons with disabilities

Spectators with limited mobility or handicaps in wheelchairs and an accompanying person can have access to the stalls by both purchasing tickets with the lowest price foreseen for the performance in question. As far as operas and concerts are concerned, spectators with handicaps in wheelchairs and their accompanying person will therefore have a right to a reduced-rate Second Gallery ticket, for ballets a reduced-rate ticket. For information, purchase and picking up these reduced-rate tickets, spectators must contact the Ticket Office Management.


Via Dietro Anfiteatro, 6b - 37121 Verona - I

tel. +39 045 596517 - fax +39 045 8013287



For any assistance, access and accompanying requirements, or indication of reserved spaces and info on services for the public, spectators can contact Hall Service staff.

Access to the Theatre is Via Roma 4, where a dedicated stairlift is available.