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Reimbursement instructions Covid-19

Dear all,

This emergency will probably make the show industry very fragile. The situation keeps us physically far from our spectators and economically exposes  us with regards to the future, as culture is unfortunately considered marginal.

Even now our efforts are geared towards facing difficulties: the shows are cancelled, we are applying exceptional measures for the workers and we are trying to monitor the European situation in order to be able to confirm the future schedule. 

We are however pleased with the solidarity we have encountered: some of you are spontaneously waiving your request for a refund to help us in this difficult moment. We really thank these spectators and those of you who will choose to do the same.

The amount that will not be turned into a voucher will be considered a donation. We thank in advance those of you who will decide to renounce your voucher request. The voucher request instructions are below:


Refund Procedure


In compliance with the amendments of the Italian Senate’s Economic Programming and Budget Commission of 28th March 2020 

FONDAZIONE ARENA DI VERONA informs its spectators that, according to Art. 88 of the Decree of Italy’s Prime Minister of 8th March, published in the Official Gazette on  9th March and taking effect from 10th March, and successive decrees for the reduction and management of the COVID 19 emergency, receipts for tickets for shows from 8th March 2020, due to the impossibility of them being staged, can be replaced with VOUCHERS valid for ONE YEAR from their issue.

Applications for the aforementioned coupons must be made within 30 days of the publication in the official gazette of the relative decree announcing the shows’ cancellation.

 (16th April for the March shows – 10th May for those in April - 27th May for those until 17th May).

Vouchers can be used, choosing among the future shows scheduled at the Teatro Filarmonico.

Vouchers will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided by each spectator using application procedure and provide all the necessary information for their use.

On the other hand, tickets/receipts relative to shows cancelled before 8th March will be reimbursed to spectators requesting refunds according to the procedure already communicated via e-mail.

It is necessary to keep the original ticket/receipt, which must be presented for the withdrawal of the ticket relative to the new show chosen.

Without the original ticket/receipt it is impossible to access application procedure for a voucher. If spectators fail to apply within the indicated deadline, the Theatre will be unable to issue any voucher and spectators will consequently lose the right to said voucher. 

Spectators wishing to renounce the procedure and donate the value of their tickets or the relative “instalment” of their season tickets to Fondazione Arena di Verona only have to send an e-mail to this effect to biglietteria@arenadiverona.it 


Teatro Filarmonico voucher request period for all events: from 8th March to 14th June (included).


Major partner

Major partner BCC Verona e Vicenza