Arena di Verona

People's Voice Awards

17 April 2023


Play with Arena: vote for the most difficult opera piece!


New online contest to elect the most difficult opera piece in the Festival’s history



Sanagol presents

Arena di Verona Opera Festival People's Voice Awards

Play with us: out of all the peaks of opera, vote for your Everest



The tournament that will accompany us until the start of the Festival begins. Sanagol®, which has always taken care of voices, presents "Arena di Verona Opera Festival People's Voice Awards": out of 100 songs that have made the history of the Arena, you can vote for the ones that require the most challenging singing performances. In short: those that “need a voice'!


The challenge will last eight weeks and will be structured like a real Wimbledon-style scoreboard, with 100 competing entries going through to the round of 16, then the quarter- and semifinals, until the winner is announced a few hours before the start of the 100th Festival. 




Click below to vote!



 In 110 years and 100 editions, the Opera Festival has staged no fewer than 60 operas, as well as ballets, concerts and galas. Throughout its history, the Arena's stage has hosted the greatest directors, set designers, costume designers, choreographers and dancers of all time, but above all, the world's greatest voices. Voices that, since 1913 have been able to thrill, move and involve the audience, voices that run through and fill the amphitheatre, from the most vibrant high notes to the barely perceptible ones.


The theme of voice is the basis of the new contest of the Fondazione Arena in collaboration with Sanagol®, a new supporter of the Festival and one that is particularly attentive to voice care and maintenance, due to the nature of its products, which will accompany the challenge with the hashtag #100GoleGold. 


For eight weeks, the Arena di Verona's Instagram profile will host an exciting tournament in which 100 songs from operas performed in the Arena, which require special vocal skills, agility and virtuosity from the performers, will compete.

The contest will start on Sunday 16th April, World Voice Day, and will continue through several elimination stages, exclusively on the Arena di Verona's Instagram channel. 


Followers will be asked to voice their preferences, and an thrilling sequence of posts and stories will document the progress of the challenge and the community's choices, leading up to the choice ofthewinning song, which will be announced on 15th June, just hours before the start of the 100th edition of the Festival.










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