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How to get your voucher refunded

Do you have a 2020 voucher that has expired and that you haven't redeemed yet? Here's what to do.

Do you have voucher issued following the cancellation of a 2020 performance due to Covid?


If you have not redeemed it and it has expired, here's what to do.


In these years of great uncertainty, we have chosen to protect our public, coming to the aid of those who - especially for reasons of distance - have not had the possibility of redeeming their vouchers by participating in successive editions of the Festival.

For this reason, although not required by law, the Fondazione Arena has decided to refund unused or partially used vouchers at the end of 36 months after the original issue.


To obtain a reimbursement you must make an explicit request no later than 31/05/2024.

It will NOT be possible to proceed with a refund if:

- The request is made while the voucher is still active and therefore before the expiry date;

- The application will be submitted after 31/05/2024;

- The request is made for a voucher that has already been completely used and is therefore no longer available.


How to apply for a voucher refund?

Please note that any claims to refund the voucher may be submitted exclusively by the voucher holder (by voucher holder we mean the person whose name appears on the voucher itself, under the heading “voucher holder”)

If you are the voucher holder, click HERE to complete the refund form.

We recommend keeping a scan of your ID card and your vouchers handy.


Have you inherited the voucher, or do you wish to delegate someone to claim it?


In the event that the voucher holder is deceased or wishes to delegate the refund request to a third party, it is necessary to download and complete the corresponding form and attach it in the space provided on the refund form.



Click HERE to fill out the refund form. We recommend keeping a scan of the identity documents (of both the voucher holder and the heir/delegate); the vouchers and the declaration in lieu of affidavit handy in the case of an inherited voucher.


Are you a company, agency or association and wish to claim your vouchers?

Click HERE to proceed to complete the refund form.

You are not the owner of the company/agency/association? Please fill out the following proxy form before proceeding to complete the form.

DOCUMENT TO DELEGATE REFUND (company/agency/association)


How can I receive my refund?

You can choose between two ways of reimbursement:

- via bank transfer;

- via PayPal.

If you have problems filling out the forms, you can always go to the ticket office in Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/b (Verona), where they will help you receive your refund. 
The Fondazione Arena di Verona undertakes to process correctly submitted claims as soon as possible. In the event of incomplete or incorrect requests, you will be contacted at the e-mail address you provide.




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