The logo of the Arena

As early as 1948, this need was perceived as an impelling one, and inspired the organization of a contest for ideas, from which the first glorious logo of the Foundation, which was then an Opera Music Organization, was created. In the nineties there was an initial graphical revision of the logo in order to seek greater modernity and simplicity in use, which was also dictated by new requirements for employment, such as the development of a line of merchandising linked to the Arena Festival. 

In 2002, the need to protect the trademark and image of the foundation on an international level, and the application of the trademark to new instruments of communication, the most important of these being the Internet suggest a new graphical revision of the logo, designed both to conserve the elements of tradition and introduce innovative and modern elements that permit immediate recognition and communicative efficacy. For this reason, a semiotics consultancy was also requested from sector specialists, to guarantee the validity of the modifications made. 

The creation of the new logo was accompanied by the compilation of a user's manual, whose primary purpose is to guarantee the correct use of the trademark and dissemination of the image of the Fondazione Arena di Verona, in conformity with the directives issued by the commercial and marketing office.

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