Amleto “rediscovered”, takes the stage again on friday and sunday at the Filarmonico

Public and Critical Acclaim at the Premiere After 152 Years, with Standing Ovations. Cast changes for the last two performances at the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona, marking the first Italian revival of Franco Faccio's long-forgotten opera based on a libretto by Boito, inspired by Shakespeare.


by Franco Faccio


Friday, 27 October - 8pm

Sunday, 29 October - 3:30pm



The Fondazione Arena has revived a forgotten masterpiece belonging to the Scapigliatura movement: Franco Faccio's Amleto, composed and conducted by the Veronese maestro, hasn't been seen on stage since 1871. At last Sunday's premiere, the Teatro Filarmonico was packed with audience members and critics alike, who paid tribute to the opera, with an internationally acclaimed Italian cast conducted by Giuseppe Grazioli in a new production by Paolo Valerio. The final two performances are set to take place on Friday, 27 October, and Sunday, 29 October. Subscribers and ticket holders for the cancelled performance last night can request a date change or a refund.


A daring feat for the 1860s: two young, bold Scapigliati artists created an opera based on Shakespeare's most renowned tragedy in the hope of reviving Italy’s musical scene, which was dominated by Verdi. Amid literary and musical experiments and compromises between Italian tradition and innovations inspired by Franco-German productions of the time, Franco Faccio and Arrigo Boito, both in their twenties, enjoyed great success at Amleto’s Genoa premiere in 1865. However, it was not replicated at La Scala, where the opera tanked miserably. As a result, the opera fell into obscurity until 2014-2016, when the US conductor Anthony Barrese oversaw a critical edition and several performances of Amleto, marking its comeback in Europe at Bregenz. 

In Italy, Amleto debuted last Sunday in the composer's hometown, in a new production by the Fondazione Arena. It was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation from both audience members and critics, resulting in standing ovations and over eight minutes of final applause. Amleto will be performed again on Friday, 27 October, at 8pm, and on Sunday, 29 October, at 3:30pm. 

Paolo Valerio will be directing the performance. Valerio is the chair of the Teatro Stabile del Friuli, a connoisseur of Shakespeare's prose and poetry, and was also the director of the Teatro Stabile di Verona until 2021. Scene and projection design are by Ezio Antonelli, costumes by Silvia Bonetti, and lighting by Claudio Schmid. The stage welcomes internationally renowned Italian artists, starting with tenors Samuele Simoncini (27 Oct) and Angelo Villari (29 Oct) in the demanding role of the tormented Prince of Denmark. After the premiere with Gilda Fiume, Ophelia will be portrayed by soprano Eleonora Bellocci. The remaining cast includes baritone Damiano Salerno as King Claudius, Marta Torbidoni as Queen Gertrude, tenor Saverio Fiore as Laertes, and four basses employed in the original score (Francesco Leone as Polonius, Alessandro Abis as Horatio, Davide Procaccini as Marcellus, and Abramo Rosalen as the Ghost). The cast is completed by Francesco Pittari, Marianna Mappa, Enrico Zara, Maurizio Pantò, Nicolò Rigano, and Valentino Perera. The Fondazione Arena Chorus is conducted by Maestro Roberto Gabbiani, while Maestro Giuseppe Grazioli conducts the Arena Orchestra.

Subscribers and ticket holders for the performance on Wednesday, 25 October, which was cancelled due to a national strike, can attend one of the two scheduled performances (Friday, 27 October, at 8pm or Sunday, 29 October, at 3:30pm) without changing their tickets. Simply specify your preferred date by sending an email to or by calling +39 045 8005151 between 9am and 6pm. Depending on availability, a new seat in the same section or a higher category will be assigned. Details will be communicated via email or phone. Those unable to change the date have the option to request a refund, which will be processed based on the sales channel (box office, call centre, or point of sale) used for the purchase.

In addition to the 2023 Lyric Season, Arena Young offers initiatives for students and staff of schools, universities, and academies. Among these initiatives is Ritorno a Teatro (Back to the Theatre), a Fondazione Arena programme that introduces students to the world of opera and symphonic music. Educational groups can attend midweek performances associated with the 2023 Artistic Season at the Teatro Filarmonico, with special rates and the opportunity to participate in a Prelude one hour before the show. This Prelude offers participates the opportunity to learn more about the plot, characters, and the language of theatre in music and will be hosted in the Sala Maffeiana by the Fondazione Arena. The Prelude for Amleto will take place on Friday, 27 October at 7pm. Info and reservations: School Promotion and Education Team - tel +39 045 8051933.

The Fondazione Arena di Verona thanks BCC di Verona e Vicenza and Metinvest – Saving Lives for their support of the 2023 Artistic Season at the Teatro Filarmonico as the main sponsors.


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Sunday, 22 October - 3:30pm, round A
Wednesday, 25 October - 7pm, round C
Friday, 27 October - 8pm, round D
Sunday, 29 October - 3:30pm, round B



Tragédie lyrique in four acts by Franco Faccio Libretto by Arrigo Boito.

Critical edition of the score by Anthony Barrese. Publisher: Casa Ricordi, Milan
First Italian performance in modern times
New production by Fondazione Arena di Verona

Conductor Giuseppe Grazioli
Director Paolo Valerio
Assistant director Giulia Bonghi
Mime assistant Daniela Schiavone
Scene and projection design Ezio Antonelli
Costume design Silvia Bonetti
Lighting Claudio Schmid


Amleto (Hamlet) Angelo Villari 22, 29 Oct/ Samuele Simoncini 25, 27 Oct
Claudio (Claudius) Damiano Salerno
Polonio (Polonius) Francesco Leone
Orazio (Horatio) Alessandro Abis
Marcello (Marcellus) Davide Procaccini
Laerte (Laertes) Saverio Fiore
Ofelia (Ophelia) Gilda Fiume 22, 25 Oct/ Eleonora Bellocci 27, 29 Oct
Geltrude (Gertrude) Marta Torbidoni
Lo Spettro (The Ghost) Abramo Rosalen
Un Araldo (Herald) Enrico Zara
Il Re di Gonzaga (King Gonzaga) Francesco Pittari
La Regina (Queen) Marianna Mappa
Luciano (Lucianus) Nicolò Rigano
Un Sacerdote (Priest) Maurizio Pantò
Primo Becchino (First Grave-digger) Valentino Perera

Fondazione Arena di Verona’s Orchestra, Choir and Technicians
Choirmaster: Roberto Gabbiani

Performance time: Acts I and II approx. 80 mins - interval - Acts III and IV approx. 70 mins


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