Marco Tonini 

I was born in 1963, I'm a researcher on traditional and experimental methods of vocal emission since nearly twenty years.
I graduated in Piano and Choral Music.
I am a choir/orchestra conductor, a classic/acoustic and experimental/electroacoustic music composer and a vocal coach, and I have obtained a full marks degree in Multimedia Composition proposing an analysis on High Singing Formant and Vocal Acoustic Physiology by utilization and development of software technology - sonograms, spectrograms, power spectrum and other.
I conduct workshops about opera-modern-experimental vocal style and overtone singing for singing teachers, choirs, pop and opera singers, working in real time on the relation among vocal emission-listening-rectification.
I studied with Julius Kalmar and Ludmil Descev, and I have joined several opera and symphonic concerts and festivals as orchestra and choir conductor in Italy, Vaticano, Egypt, Lebanon, France, Germany and Switzerland.
Sometimes I serve as expert moderator on web forums, workshops and conferences on vocal didactic methods and vocal experimentation, so I have created the Tertium Auris Blog, the Tertium Auris Network and I am admin of Overtone Music Network.
I am currently working on a draft of a book about the relation between overtone singing and opera singing technique, and on the improving of the vocal analysis software Overtone Analyzer. I'm the conductor of Coro Lirico di Verona and Children Choir A.d’A.Mus. in Verona.

Updated in May 2009

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