The Arena di Verona corps de ballet

The history of the Arena di Verona corps de ballet

The Corps de ballet of the Fondazione Arena di Verona became a permanent formation at the beginning of the eighties thanks to the Director at that time, Roberto Fascilla. Since then, it has performed all year round; in the summer at the Arena and the Teatro Romano and in the winter at the Teatro Filarmonico.

Giuseppe Carbone, Mario Pistoni, Pierre Lacotte, Carla Fracci, Robert North and Maria Grazia Garofoli, Renato Zanella followed as directors.

This succession of extremely prestigious directors with different artistic training has enabled the dancers to experiment numerous choreographic formats and dance styles. The variety of artistic experiences has become the real strong point of the Arena’s corps de ballet, which performs shows able to satisfy the tastes of a vast varied public: from the titles of the great ballet repertoire. such as Giselle, Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Coppelia and La Sylphide (with performers such as Fracci, Terabust, Nureyev, Jancu, Savignano and, recently, Yebra, Bolle, Hatala, Veterova, Koukova and Romagna), to the revival of original choreographies by Nijinski, to those of the beginning of the century by Massine, through to contemporary works by Cullberg, Matz Ek, Balanchine and Kiljan.

To present-day choreographers, such as Amodio, Bigonzetti, Bouy, Morricone and North, to multimedia spectacles by Ezralow, with productions that range from projects conceived specifically for an audience of schoolchildren and the very young, to the great Arena events, such as Excelsior, Spartacus and Zorba the Greek.

The following are the members of our Corps de ballet:


Principals/without soloist obligations

Antonio Russo
Amaya Ugarteche
Alessia Gelmetti



Principals with soloist obligations

Evghenij Kurtsev


Teresa Strisciulli



Soloists and mime with corps de ballet obligations

Marco Fagioli


Pietro Occhio



Corps de ballet with soloist obligations

Ivan Piccioli

  Esposito Luigi Rosario

Massimo Ilario Schettini