The wonderful world of Theatre


The iniziative

If you’re a junior or secondary school pupil, you can participate in a really unique initiative that will take you into the magic world of theatre. Thanks to some thematic lessons, you will be able to discover in an enjoyable interactive manner the differences between the various voices in an opera chorus and how musical instruments work.


A lesson/concert that’s a close encounter with musical instruments, from the materials with which they’re made to their playing techniques and characteristic timbre. Strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboard, and … the orchestra conductor, who commands them all with a movement of his baton.


A lesson/concert to discover how a Chorus is formed and how it works. Sopranos and contraltos, tenors and basses: what’s the difference?The Chorusmaster will take the young audience on a fascinating journey through the world of operatic voices.


The appointments of the Artistic Season 2017-2018 are finished.