Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Gala Concert


Music by

Ludwig van Beethoven


Arena di Verona

This performance has been staged during the Opera Festival 2017. Visit the program page to see what's scheduled for the next Opera Festival!



Symphony No. 9 in D minor for soloists, chorus and orchestra, Op. 125 is the last symphony completed by Ludwig van Beethoven, and was commissioned by the London Philharmonic Society in 1817. The main composition work was done between 1822 and 1824, the date of the autograph’s completion; Beethoven had conceived the idea of writing two symphonies of an unusual dimension and nature, one purely instrumental, the other with the inclusion of vocal parts. These two projects were joined by a third, which gave the work unity and fulfilment: the idea of setting the Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller to music. In fact, political freedom and freedom of thought, the essence of Enlightenment Joy and the key concept of the ode by Schiller, was an issue very dear to Beethoven, who had adopted these ideals permeated in lay piety and a surge of universal brotherhood.


The Symphony No. 9 by L. V. Beethoven will resound in the ancient walls of the Verona amphitheatre in a spectacular light and music show.


We are waiting for you on 15th August for this special evening dedicated to the Symphony which celebrates, more than any other, the ideals of freedom and universal brotherhood.

Conductor Daniel Oren

Lighting Designer Paolo Mazzon

Arena di Verona Orchestra, Chorus and Technical team

Sopran Erika Grimaldi

Alto Daniela Barcellona

Tenor Saimir Pirgu

Baritone Ugo Guagliardo