Carmina Burana

Scenic cantata

Music by

Carl Orff



1 Hour approximately - Intervals included


Arena di Verona

This performance has been staged during the Opera Festival 2019. Visit the program page to see what's scheduled for the next Opera Festival!

Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana will be performed on August 11th 2019, the great musical fresco of medieval poetry is back for the third time within the Arena Amphitheatre’s antique stone walls.

The 24 poems set to music by Orff, mainly in Latin, but also including some in Old High German and one in Provençal, are taken from a collection of 11th and 12th century Medieval poems discovered in the monastery of Benediktbeuern, near Bad Tölz in Bavaria, and handed down through time thanks to an important manuscript contained in a 13th century illuminated manuscript, the Codex Latinus Monacensis 4550 or Codex Buranus: hence the title Carmina Burana, introduced in 1847 by scholar Johann Andreas Schmeller on the occasion of the manuscript’s first publication.

Conductor Ezio Bosso

Chorus Master Vito Lombardi

A.d’A.MUS. Treble voice Chorus conducted by Marco Tonini

A.LI.VE. Treble voice Chorus conducted by Paolo Facincani

Lighting Designer Paolo Mazzon

Arena di Verona Orchestra and Chorus

Lasting: 83'

The time is approximate and may be modified.

The gates open 2 and a half hours before the performance starting time.

Spectators are kindly requested to arrive early enough to facilitate security checks.

Carmina Burana

Ruth Iniesta

Raffaele Pe

Mario Cassi