From Bolzano to Verona

An enchanting evening at the Arena Opera Festival, just a short distance from the Trentino-Alto Adige region


"Bolzano is opulent and modern. But its beauty is Gothic: the long streets are flanked by porticos embellished not so much by one building or another, but rather by the lines of corners and protrusions, which create a theatrical backdrop, a play of light". This is how Guido Piovene described Bolzano in his Viaggio in Italia. This city, rich with beauty and framed by the spectacular Dolomites, is definitely a destination not to be missed when visiting Italy.

In the city’s historic centre, between the impressive cathedral in Piazza Walther and the porticos mentioned by Piovene, you’ll find Piazza delle Erbe, which hosts the fruit and vegetable market. Here you can admire one of Italy’s most beautiful fountains, i.e. the Fontana of Neptune, which Bolzano inhabitants affectionately call Gabelwirt, i.e. the innkeeper with a fork, referring to Neptune’s trident. 


If you’re in Bolzano and want to explore the surrounding areas, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting an enchanting city standing on the banks of the River Adige: Verona, a short distance from Bolzano, offers history, traditions, cultural and artistic heritage that won’t disappoint you.


The city that inspired William Shakespeare for his masterpiece Romeo and Juliet will be able to enliven your vacation with its historic monuments and its squares; moreover, Verona also has its own “Piazza delle Erbe”, surrounded by Palazzo Maffei and the Torre del Gardello, the frescos of the Case Mazzanti, the tall houses of the ancient Jewish ghetto and the medieval Domus Mercatorum.


The symbol for which the city, once ruled by the Della Scala family, is remembered worldwide is without doubt the imposing suggestive Arena di Verona, located in the largest square of the historic centre, Piazza Bra.

Every year, the world-famous amphitheatre hosts the Opera Festival, an event loved not only by opera fans, but also by neophytes.


If you’re in Verona, you definitely can’t miss the valuable opportunity of treating yourself to a night at one of the operas that have enchanted spectators through the years!

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by car

Bolzano is 155 km from Verona.

If you’re travelling by car, we suggest you take the A22/E35 towards Verona and, in approximately an hour and 40 minutes, you’ll reach your destination.

Check the map to see your route in detail.



In Verona it is possible to park in zones adjacent to the old town centre. Check this page for more details.


by train

Regional, Fast Regional and Freccia (Arrow) trains run along this railway line several times a day: you can therefore opt for a comfortable train ride without making any changes and choosing the ticket category most suited to your requirements.

Once you arrive at Porta Nuova station, you can easily use the ATV town transport, which will take you to Piazza Bra and adjacent areas of the old town centre in just a few minutes; alternatively, you can opt for the taxi or car sharing services, or, for a bicycle ride along Verona’s streets, thanks to the bike sharing service.

Attending an opera in the fascinating Arena di Verona is definitely an experience you can’t afford to miss. It will probably be worthwhile arranging to stay overnight in the city of Romeo and Juliet and return to Bolzano the following day. In this case, we advise you to visit our Web page to consider current offers and promotions.

by bus

Would you prefer to travel at a more advantageous cost? We advise you to take advantage of the suburban buses and long distance coaches that leave from Bolzano (the departure point depends on the transport company chosen) and will take you right to Verona Porta Nuova station.


Lastly, we suggest you also extend your stay in the city of Cangrande della Scala and stop off at one of the hotels that you can find on this Web site:, we assure you there will be plenty of good offers!

travel table

Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departures Arrival
Regional train

2 hours 18 min approximately


Central railway station

Verona Porta Nuova

Fast trains
(Fast regional, Frecciargento,
Frecciarossa, Eurocity)

1 hr. 30 min approx.
(according to the train chosen)


Central railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova


1 hr. 40 min approximately

 155 km approx.




from 2 hr. to 2 hr. 30 min

155 km approx.


Verona Porta Nuova
railway station