From Brescia to the Arena di Verona



Brescia, one of the most populous municipalities of Lombardy (second only to Milan), is a city that really must be seen, full of history and charm. Straddling the Lombardy and Veneto regions, its origins date back to the Gauls and its development to the Romans and Venetian domination. The “Lioness of Italy” (a name given due to the city's resistance to the Austrian army during the first war of independence) offers the possibility of visiting sites featured in the UNESCO World Heritage List: the domus and the Roman forum, with the Capitolium temple dedicated to the Capitoline Triad, the Roman Theatre, the Church of Sant'Orsola and the monastic complex of San Salvatore and Santa Giulia.


After having visited the wonders of the city of Brescia and its precious Ancient Roman monuments, a perfect day can be completed a short distance away, at the Arena di Verona, the Romano Amphitheatre which is a shrine for opera lovers.

Take advantage of the journey to Brescia to make your cultural experience unique and exciting: check the prices and choose your seat – we look forward to having you soon at the Arena di Verona Opera Festival!


by car

You can reach Verona from Brescia by car using the A4 Turin-Trieste motorway, going towards Trieste. The two cities are just 70 km apart and the distance between can be comfortably covered in less than an hour by car.


Check the map and follow the route you prefer to reach Verona from Brescia! 




Once you reach the centre of Verona, you can choose between the outdoor parking areas, indicated by blue lines, and indoor pay parking. If you want more info on the parking available, visit this page.

by train

Reach Verona from Brescia by train! You can take advantage of the regional trains, but also the Trenitalia Frecce (Arrow) trains, which run on the Milan - Venice line continually throughout the day. Verona Porta Nuova is the correct station for reaching the Arena easily on foot, by taxi, bus or even with the car-sharing service. In 45 minutes at the most, you can add that special something to your visit to Brescia, treating yourself to the emotion of an unforgettable evening in Verona inside the walls of the Arena.


And if you don’t manage to return to Brescia that evening, no problem! You can decide to stay overnight in Verona and take a look at the offers proposed on the Web site!


by bus

What Brescia has to offer regarding transport is up to its visitors’ and inhabitants’ expectations. The network is not only excellently organized for town transport, but also for suburban services.


Brescia and Verona are connected by a good road passenger transport network, provided by various bus companies that ensure speed, efficiency and economic prices.


Should you be unable to return by bus to Brescia in the evening, visit this page and find the best offers available for staying overnight in Verona and leaving for Brescia the next morning! You well thus be ensured an in-depth experience of the magic of the Arena and the city of Verona.



travel time

Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departure Arrival

Regional train

43min. approx.


Brescia railway station

Verona Porta Nuova

Fast trains
(Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Intercity, Eurocity, Italo)

35min. approx.


Brescia railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova


50min. approx.





1hr. approx.

80km approx.

Bus station near the main railway station in Via Solferino

 Verona Porta Nuova
Verona Aeroporto Catullo