Reaching the Arena di Verona from Venice



The most famous and most visited tourist destination in Italy’s Veneto region is definitely Venice, also known as La Serenissima and undisputed UNESCO World Heritage site.

The elegant floating city fascinates tourists from all over the world: there you’ll be able to wander through the narrow streets (calli) and squares of various sizes (campi and campielli) of the Lagoon, observing its wonders, such as the magnificent Saint Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Rialto, La Fenice theatre and the Bridge of Sighs, the last of which links the solemn Doge’s Palace with the New Prisons and is famous because it is connected with the escape of the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova from prison. You can also let yourself be rocked by the Grand Canal, treating yourself to a trip on a waterbus or a gondola, to experience this immortal city’s uniqueness to the full.


To complete your trip under the banner of culture and art, you can’t miss a visit to the city of Verona, which has a historic bond with Venice, also revealed by the Lion of Saint Mark in Piazza delle Erbe. Lastly, you can conclude your tour of Verona by treating yourself to a unique unmissable night at the Opera Festival staged in the suggestive Arena di Verona.


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Approximately 118 km, of which 96 km are motorway, separate Venice from the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Using the A4/E70, you can reach Verona in approximately 2 hours at the most; take the turn-off indicating Verona Est, continue following signs for Verona - Tangenziale Est, and lastly continue towards “Verona Centro”.


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Once you arrive in Verona, you’ll have no trouble parking! The city offers the possibility of parking one’s car in the vicinity of the old town centre. Find the parking areas most suited to your requirements on this page.

by train

Verona is definitely well connected with the city of Venice. Tourists can choose between Regional, Fast Regional and Arrow trains and can reach the city in 2 hours at the most, without changing and at convenient prices.

Once you arrive at Porta Nuova station, you can use the ATV town transport, which will take you to Piazza Bra in just a few minutes!

If, after a night at the opera, you want to stay overnight in the city of Romeo and Juliet, visit this page and consider the offers and promotions most suited to your needs.


by bus

If you opt for a bus trip, we suggest you take advantage of the suburban buses and long-distance coaches that leave from Venice (Tronchetto) or from Venezia-Mestre Station and arrive right at Verona Porta Nuova station.

Lastly, we suggest you extend your stay in Verona and stop off at one of the hotels on this Web site:, you’ll find plenty of good offers!



Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departure Arrival

Regional train

2 hr. e 17 min. approx. 


Venice Santa Lucia railway station

 Verona Porta Vescovo
Verona Porta Nuova (main station)

Fast trains
(Fast regional trains, Frecciarossa)

1 hr. 20 min. approx. 


Venice Santa Lucia railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova


1 hr. 30 min. -
2 hr. approx.





2 hr. approx.


Venice (Tronchetto) - Venice Mestre railway station

Verona Porta Nuova railway station