From Padua to the Arena di Verona



One of the most coveted tourist destinations for art and culture is definitely Padua, one of the cities of Italy’s Veneto region with the most ancient origins. Artistic capital of the 1300s, home of renowned works by Giotto, such as the Cappella degli Scrovegni, and also the home of one of the world’s oldest universities, Palazzo del Bo and the famous Caffé Pedrocchi, marvellous loggias and Prato della Valle.


Verona and Padua, both influenced by imperial and Venetian domination, host a considerable flow of tourists along their streets, mainly due to their cultural attractions. If you’re in beautiful Padua, but wish to pass an evening in the surrounding area, reach Verona very easily and comfortably and attend an Opera show at the Arena.


Live your cultural experience to the full, visit Verona’s Roman Amphitheatre, an opera shrine; find out the cost of tickets and ensure yourself a seat for a priceless emotion just a short distance from Padua. We look forward to having you at the Arena di Verona for the Opera Festival!

by car

You can reach Verona from Padua by car using the A4/E70 Brescia-Venice motorway, following indications for Brescia. The two cities are less than 90 km apart and in just over an hour it’s possible to easily cover the distance between them by car.


Check the map and follow the route you prefer to reach Verona from Padua!



Once you reach the centre of Verona, you can choose between the outdoor parking areas, indicated by blue lines, and indoor pay parking facilities. If you want more info on the parking available, visit this page.

by train

Why not travel to Verona from Padua by train?

Numerous runs connect Padua station with Verona’s two stations: Verona Porta Nuova and Verona Porta Vescovo. You can choose between Regional trains, Fast Regional trains and Frecce (Arrow) trains with travel times varying between 40 min. and 1.20 hr. Once you reach the station from Padua, you can choose how to go to the Arena di Verona: by taxi, bike sharing, car sharing, ATV municipal buses or even on foot, with a romantic walk along the streets of the old town centre.


And if you decide not to return to Padua from Verona that night, check the offers on the Web site to find the ideal accommodation for your visit to Verona.

by bus

Further enrich your visit to Padua by exploring the neighbouring cities. Reach Verona from Padua using the suburban and long-distance buses available: the most advantageous way to travel between Verona and Padua! Once you arrive in the city, just choose the municipal transport with which to arrive at the Arena di Verona.


After the show, will it be too late to return to Padua? Just visit this page to find the best rates for staying for a night (or even more than one) in the romantic city of Verona.



Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departure Arrival

Regional train

from 59 min. to 1hr. 22 min. approx.


Padua railway station

 Verona Porta Vescovo
Verona Porta Nuova (main station)

Fast train
(Frecciarossa, Eurocity, Italo)

40 min. approx.


Padua railway station

 Verona Porta Nuova


1 hr. approx.





1 hr. 10 min. approx.

90km approx.

Padua Piazzale Boschetti
parking area

 Verona Porta Nuova