Schools at the Opera

Are you a teacher and want your students to discover the Opera?

Schools at the Opera

Are you a primary or secondary school teacher? Do you want to take your pupils to the Arena to experience one of the Arena Opera Festival performances?

We have come up with some really special rates for you and your pupils! The initiative also includes school staff.


Unnumbered seats on steps - sectors CDEF - 10.00 euros

Numbered seat on the steps 3rd sector - 35.00 euros

Numbered seat on the steps 2nd sector- 45.00 euros


As follows the dates on which you can attend a performance at these special prices.


LA TRAVIATA by Giuseppe Verdi
Friday 28th June at 9.00 pm
Thursday 11th, Friday 19th, Thursday 25th July at 9.00 pm
Thursday 1st, Thursday 8th, Saturday 17th, Thursday 22nd, Friday 30th August at 8.45 pm
Thursday 5th September at 8.45 pm


AIDA (HISTORICAL EDITION 1913) by Giuseppe Verdi
Thursday 27th June at 9 pm
Friday 5th, Tuesday 9th, Friday 12th, Sunday 21st, Wednesday 24th, Sunday 28th July at 9 pm
Saturday 3th, Friday 9th, Sunday 18th, Sunday 25th, Wednesday 28th, Saturday 31st August at 8.45 pm 
Tuesday 3rd September at 8.45 pm


IL TROVATORE by Giuseppe Verdi
Saturday 29th  June at 9 pm
Thursday 4th, Sunday 7th, Saturday 20th, Friday 26th July at 9 pm


CARMEN by Georges Bizet 
Saturday 6th, Wednesday 10th, Saturday 13th, Thursday 18th, Tuesday 23rd, Saturday 27th July at 9 pm

Friday 2nd, Saturday 24th, Tuesday 27th August at 8.45 pm
Wednesday 4th September at 8.45 pm


Tuesday 16th July at 9.15 pm
Wednesday 17th July at 9.15 p.m. 


TOSCA by Giacomo Puccini
Saturday 10th, Friday 16th, Friday 23th, Thursday 29th August at 8.45 pm
Friday 6th September at 8.45 pm


Sunday 11th August at 9.45 pm

Booking procedure

Tickets can be requested via e-mail, to be sent to using the school’s e-mail address or attaching the request on the school’s headed notepaper;

What to write in your booking application:


1 - the dates of the performances

2 - the number of tickets required

3 - the category of seats

4 - your reference number (if allocated during previous bookings)


Fondazione Arena di Verona will confirm the purchase sending the reservation number and the expiry date of the booking.

Payment procedure

Purchase at the counter, within the expiry date of the booking or anyway not least than the day before the choosen performance. Payment can be made in cash (for sums not exceeding 2.999.99 euros), with an Italian bank draft, via Bancomat or Credit Card;

Bank transfer in the reason for payment, specify your reference number, the date of the performance and the name of the school . The bank transfer must be payable to Fondazione Arena di Verona, UNICREDIT S.p.A, IBAN IT67C0200805364 00000 5518220 SWIFT: UNCRITMMORR


Credit Card sending an e-mail to  and specifying:

1 - Your reference number

2 - Date of the performance, quantity and category of seats
3 - Total amount due
4 - Name of the credit card owner, number and expiry date of the credit card
5 - Telephone number
6 - Authorization to charge the amount to the credit card

Tickets are considered as paid when the sum due is received, which must be at the latest the day before the performance requested, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. Moreover, individual bookings will not be accepted, and tickets for groups have to be picked up all together. 

The exclusive nature of these special rates must be emphasized, and must only involve pupils/students, the people accompanying them, teaching staff and other school staff.
With the aim of avoiding tickets with special rates being re-sold, it should be noted that the school’s name will be printed on the actual tickets.  arena-young-logo