From Mantua to the Arena di Verona



Have you visited the city of Mantua? A truly enchanting place with its elegant palazzi, expanses of water, churches to visit and the events not to be missed in the city and the surrounding area.

A city that was the setting for the story of Verdi’s opera Rigoletto, and which still preserves the court jester’s house. This small building links Mantua and Verona inextricably: two similar atmospheres and architectural styles, with immense cultural value.

Furthermore, did you know that from June to August, the world’s most famous open-air Opera Festival is held just a few kilometres from Mantua?


If you have visited Palazzo Te, the Ducal Palace, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Saint George’s Castle, Rigoletto’s house and the other interesting places in Mantua, but would like to pass a really special evening near Mantua, come to the Arena di Verona!

Check out the program and prices and come to the Arena: different places will come to life before your eyes.

by car

Reaching Verona from Mantua by car is easy! In fact, the two cities are approximately 45 km apart and it’s possible to choose between using the motorway or state road.

Check the map and take the route you prefer to reach Verona from Mantua


Once in the city centre, you can choose between the outdoor parking areas, indicated with the blue lines, or indoor pay parking facilities. If you want more info on the parking available, visit this page.

by train

You can also reach Verona from Mantua by train! Throughout the day, there are many runs by regional trains on the Mantua line that reach Porta Nuova, Verona’s main railway station. With journey lasting less than an hour, Mantua offers the possibility of exploring its neighbourhood in an absolutely easy rapid manner. Verona’s Porta Nuova station is just a short distance from the Arena: it can be reached on foot, by taxi or by bus, with the public transport services provided by ATV.


In the event of it being impossible to return to Mantua by train, you can always consider staying overnight in Verona. Take a look at the proposals and offers on the Web site!

by bus

Mantua does not offer only tourist attractions and places of historical and cultural interest, but also well-organized efficient transport facilities, above all with the neighbouring area.


Connections between Mantua and Verona are provided by several bus companies – including the ATV suburban line – which enable to travel between the two cities in a short time and in a convenient manner.


Should you be unable to return by bus to Mantua in the evening, visit this page and find the best offers available for staying overnight in Verona and leave for Mantua the next morning! It will be an opportunity for an in-depth experience of the magic of Verona at the Arena and more.

travel time

Means of transport Travel time Distance (km) Departure Arrival

Regional train



Mantova railway station

Verona Porta Nuova

(Suburban service, Trains from Peschiera Station)

1hr. 42min approx.


Mantova railway station

 Peschiera del Garda station, then
Verona Porta Nuova






(148 ATV and other companies)

1hr. 12min approx.


Mantua bus station -
Via Melchiorre Gioia bus station
Strada Cipata bus stop 16 

Verona Porta Nuova
(viale G. Cardinale)