Spectator Regulations

Information for the spectators of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival

Information for the spectators

Fondazione Arena di Verona reserves the right to make any changes in the programme (date, time, cast, title).

Purchase of the ticket implies acceptance of these Regulations.

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1. Tickets cannot be duplicated and are valid only for the date indicated.

In case of loss or theft of the ticket:

numbered seats, entrance is guaranteed when a copy of the report made to the competent authorities or a self-certification containing the precise details of the ticket is presented to the Direzione di Biglietteria (Ticket office Management);

unnumbered seats, another ticket must be purchased.
In the event that a ticket cannot be used for personal reasons, no exchanges, cancellations or refunds are possible.

2. Sale of tickets by non-authorized personnel is prohibited.

3. Prices printed on the tickets and listed in the programme of the Fondazione Arena di Verona are the official sale prices inclusive of the related taxes.

4. Fondazione Arena di Verona is entitled to establish a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by each person for each performance.

5. Tickets and admission passes must be kept for the entire duration of the performance and be shown to the Ushers on request. Any spectator without a ticket will be accompanied out of the theatre.

6. The public is permitted to remain in the Ticket office area only for the time strictly necessary to purchase and collect tickets.

Cancellation/Suspension in case of bad weather

Even if the weather is bad, the performance is never cancelled before the scheduled starting time.

Information for the spectators Should adverse weather conditions prevent the performance from starting as scheduled, the Fondazione Arena di Verona may delay the start of the performance by up to 150 minutes before announcing the cancellation of the performance.

If the performance is cancelled after it has begun, reimbursements will not be made.

In the event of a performance being definitively cancelled before the end of Act I, spectators will have the right to buy a ticket for the same category of seats for another performance during the current Festival or that of the following year with approximately a 50% reduction off the full price.

Procedure for ticket reimbursement

We inform you that Carnet or Open Ticket will not be refunded. They may be exchanged at the ticket office, for a seat of the same value for a subsequent season performance, subject to seat availability. These tickets can be refunded only in the event that cancelled performance is the last one of the artistic season. A reimbursement may be obtained:

Directly from the Ticket Office: by handing in your tickets at the by handing in your tickets at the Fondazione Arena di Verona’s Ticket Office in via Dietro Anfiteatro 6b, 37121 Verona - from immediately after the performance cancellation is announced (subject to cash availability) and for up to 15 days after it, during the normal opening times of the Ticket Office; Reimbursements at the Ticket Office will be made in cash. Where reimbursements exceed the sum of € 2.999,99, they will be paid by bank transfer, in accordance with Art. 1 comma 898, Law n. 208 of 28/12/2015. In this case the applicant must also fill in the “Reimbursement Request Form”, which can be obtained at the Ticket Office itself with all the necessary information: name, address, telephone number, name of bank and IBAN code and, in the case of foreign transfers, the SWIFT code, as well as a photocopy of a valid identity document. Reimbursement bank transfers will be carried out after any cash reimbursements have been completed.

by filling in the on line refund form at the following link within 15 days from the date of the cancellation of the performance and by sending the tickets attached.

All refund request must reach the Fondazione within 15 days of the cancelled performance. Based on a reimbursement request presented in the above indicated terms, the sum reimbursed will correspond exactly to the face value of the ticket. Requests for ticket reimbursement for cancelled performances will also be accepted beyond the deadline stated above, provided they arrive by, and no later than, 31st October of the year of the Festival in question. In these cases, the Fondazione Arena di Verona will reimburse the price of the ticket minus the imposed taxes.

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How to fill in the refund form



1. Access to the stalls and to the numbered seats on the steps is prohibited after the performance has begun. Any spectators with seats in the stalls or numbered seats on the steps who arrive late, or who leave their seats during the performance, will be asked to wait in the foyer or in the unnumbered seats area until the next interval when they can return to their seats.
2. On admittance, spectators with reduced price tickets must display a document confirming the right to reduction.
3. Children under the age of four are not admitted to performances.
4. Fondazione Arena di Verona may refuse access to persons who:
• appear to be in a state of agitation;
• behave in an aggressive manner;
• are dressed in an unsuitable manner;

• do not allow their bags or knapsacks to be checked by the security staff.

Security controls and restrictions

For security reasons, in accordance with “Article 5 letter C of the Italian Ministerial Decree 06/10/2009”, visual inspections can be carried out by the ushers at the entrance They are also authorized to request inspections and prohibit spectators to enter the Arena Amphitheatre with objects that are prohibited. Custody is not guaranteed.
1. It is forbidden to bring bottles, glass objects or any other blunt instrument that could cause damage to oneself or others (such as knives, scissors, helmets) into the Arena.
2. Large bags or knapsacks or other cumbersome containers cannot be brought into the Arena.
3. Food and drink cannot be brought into the Arena.

4. It is forbidden to take photos of the performance, with or without flash, or to make any audio or video recording without prior authorization.
5. Animals are not admitted, except for registered guide dogs.


Gate 1

1st sector stalls GOLD, 1st sector stalls;

Gate 8

1st sector stalls and 2nd sector stalls even numbers;

Gate 66

1st sector stalls and 2nd sector stalls odd numbers;

Gate 13

even-numbered seats on the steps;

Gate 61

odd numbered seats on the steps;

Gates 6, 11 and 15

unreserved stone steps sector D;

Gates 59, 63 and 68

unreserved stone steps sector E;

Gates 23 and 27

unreserved stone steps sector C;

Gates 47 and 51

unreserved stone steps sector F;


For all requirements, please refer to the Ushers.

The Information Service is located at Gate 5. Open only on performance days: from 19.00 up to the end of the performance.

Official merchandise of the Fondazione Arena di Verona is on sale at the Arena Shop, Gate 10, every day during the Arena Festival. 

Following services for the public are available inside the Arena:

• Bar and refreshment areas.

• Cushion rental.

• Sale of librettos, programmes and official merchandise of the Fondazione Arena di Verona.

There is no Cloakroom service.

Lost and Found

Any objects that are found abandoned in the Arena can be handed directly to the Ushers.

Information about lost objects can be obtained at Gate 5 on performance days from 19.00 up to the end of the performance.


Any objects that are not reclaimed before the end of the Arena Festival will be handed over to the Ufficio oggetti smarriti - Lost Property Office of the Verona City Council, tel. +39 045 8079341.

Rules of conduct inside the Arena Amphitheatre

The public is invited to treat the monument with due respect, to occupy only the assigned seat and to behave in a correct and appropriate manner during the performance.

The Management is entitled to ask persons behaving in an inappropriate manner to leave the Arena, without any right to refund.
1. Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere inside the Arena.
2. Mobile phones must be switched off before the beginning of the performance.

3. It is forbidden to take photos of the performance, with or without flash, or to make any audio or video recording without prior authorization.
4. It is strictly forbidden to climb on or over the enclosures, partitions or other structures of the Arena.
5. It is forbidden to linger in the vicinity of passageways, entrances and exits, staircases and any other exit routes.

In the stalls and in the numbered seats on the steps:

• Spectators are required to dress in an elegant manner, appropriate to a theatre venue.

• Refreshments are available only during the intervals and in the Bar areas located inside the Arena; eating and drinking are not allowed during the performance.

Public with disabilities

1. Bearers of a physical disability who cannot access the seats on the steps are entitled to purchase reduced price unreserved stone steps tickets, and take a place in the stalls. The accompanying persons will also be entitled to purchase reduced price unreserved stone steps tickets, and take seat in the stalls - if places are available – or in any case in an area of the numbered seats on the steps communicating with the stalls. For information on reduced price tickets and for purchase and collection, please contact exclusively the Direzione di Biglietteria (Ticket office Management).
2. There are no architectural barriers that prevent people in wheelchairs accessing the stalls.
3. To request assistance, enquire about access, accompaniment and any other information on reserved areas, please contact the Ushers or Gate 4 personnel.

Regulations governing privacy

1. Fondazione Arena di Verona guarantees complete compliance with the regulations governing the privacy protection (Legislative decree 196/2003, Personal Data Protection Code and related regulations) for all the personal data acquired in its relation with the public (i.e. issuing of nominal tickets at special prices or free, management of certain forms of payment).
2. More detailed information is available on the Arena internet site.
3. For all other information as well as the exercise of the rights laid down in the regulations therein, please contact the following telephone number +39 045 8051051, send a fax to +39 045 8013287 or an email to
4. The addresses supplied at the time of purchase may be used by Fondazione Arena di Verona to send information related to tickets purchased, to forward courtesy mail and/or informative material regarding special offers, subscriptions and performance programmes. The interested party is entitled to object to the processing of personal data concerning him/ her at any time.