President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella greeting

Rome, 21 June 2018

Dear Mayor, dear General Manager,

I wish to thank you for the invitation to the inaugural evening of the 96th edition of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious and famous opera institutions. Unfortunately, concomitant engagements prevent me from participating, this year, in such a prestigious appointment.

For its suggestive location and the quality of the productions, the opera season at the arena has always been an artistic and cultural reference point which has always attracted opera lovers and fans from Italy and abroad.

The 96th edition crowns the long job of recovering and relaunching the Fondazione which, after a difficult period, resulted in a collective commitment on the part of all the personnel to save a legacy and a tradition of extremely high level.

I therefore wish the 96th edition of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival a well-deserved success, certain that it will be crowned with all-round appreciation.

Sergio Mattarella




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