Photos from Arena Opera Festival 2017
"I have always thought, and I say this as a Frenchman, that the Italian Risorgimento was one of the most important historical, intellectual and popular moments of Italian history [...]. The soundtrack of this historical period was definitely Italian opera, and in particular the operas of Giuseppe Verdi. In fact, we could say that Giuseppe Verdi was the Ennio Morricone of Italy’s Risorgimento [...]. The Nabucco I wanted to describe is ideally set in Milan during the Five Days and, when doing this, I made use of one of the major symbols of Italian musical culture throughout the world: the city's Teatro alla Scala".
Arnaud Bernard
  • Nabucco Arena di Verona 2017
  • 2017 Arena Opera Nabucco
  • Arnaud Bernard Nabucco nuovo allestimento 2017
  • Nabucco 2017 Arena di Verona
  • Walter Fraccaro Nabucco 2017 Arena
  • 2017 Arena Opera Festival Nabucco
  • Interno allestimento Nabucco Arena
  • Teatro alla Scala in Arena Nabucco 2017
  • Rafal Siwek nel ruolo di Zaccaria - Nabucco - Festival 2017 Arena di Verona
  • In Sung Sim nel ruolo di Zaccaria - Nabucco - Arena di Verona 2017
  • Nabucco - nuovo allestimento - Arena Opera Festival 2017