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Special rates for Universities


Special rates for Universities

The Fondazione Arena di Verona is pleased to announce that the following special reduced price tickets are available for some of the performances of the Opera Festival 2015 at the Arena di Verona, to University students and staff, teaching or otherwise:

• Steps sectors C and F: Euro 10.00
• Numbered seats: Euro 40.00
• Central numbered seats: Euro 50.00

Dates available:

Nabucco 25-June; 3/9/15/18/23 July; 13/18/22/26/29 August; 1/5 September

Aida 5/7/12/14/19/31 July; 9/11/19/23/27/30 August; 2/6 September

Tosca 26-June; 8/11/16 July; 6/14 August

Don Giovanni 4/10/17/30 July; 12-August

Roberto Bolle and Friends 22 July

Carmen Gala Concert 24 July

Carmina Burana 25 August

Il Barbiere di Siviglia 1/7/20/28 August; 04-September

Romeo et Juliette 8/21 August; 03-September

Fondazione Arena reminds you that tickets may be purchased, two per opera title, by means of the following methods:

• Payment and simultaneous pick-up of tickets, for one or more performances, directly from the central ticket office of Fondazione Arena di Verona in Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/b, on presentation of student’s record book, name badge, CartAteneo or Student Credit Card (for students), or identification name tag/ magnetic badge (for staff).

• By sending a booking application for one or more performances to the following fax number : +39 045 8013287, remembering to specify the applicant’s name and surname and to enclose both a photocopy of the student’s record book or university ID tag/badge and a copy of the form giving permission to process the personal data supplied (data processing information). In this case payment and pick-up of the tickets may be performed as follows:
- by going to the central ticket office of Fondazione Arena at the latest, 24 hours prior to the first performance chosen;
- payment by postal order, Italian banker’s order or credit transfer to be made at least a fortnight before the first performance date with subsequent pick-up of tickets on the evening of the performance from the central ticket office of Fondazione Arena.

Whatever method of payment is chosen, our ticket office must receive the amount due at the latest one day before the first performance chosen, on pain of cancellation of the booking.

• Remember to include the form giving permission to process the personal data supplied with your first ticket application.

In emphasising the positive nature of the initiative, implemented in compliance with law and our articles of association establishing our primary goal as the diffusion of musical culture and promotion and development of art and musical performances, Fondazione Arena believes it important to focus on the exclusivity of the concession, which should apply only to University students and staff.
In the aim of preventing special price tickets from being resold we should like to inform you that the name of the university and name and surname of the person purchasing the special price tickets will appear on the counterfoil of the tickets. Such expedient will make it possible to perform sample ticket inspections at the entrance to the Theatre, aimed at determining the provenance of the tickets.
To such purpose, Fondazione Arena hereto specifies that anybody (student/staff) intending to purchase special price tickets for the performances of the 2015 Season will be required to give specific permission to process their personal data (pursuant to and by effect of art. 13 of the Legislative decree), by signing the form for the purpose (one for each purchaser) to be filled in and returned to the central ticket office for the 2015 Season. 

For any further information please send an e-mail to, 

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