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Marco Berti

…it is not my voice the one that has to grant my wishes…

Marco Berti has come back to the Arena di Verona for the 84th Opera Festival, playing the part of Don José in Carmen and of Radamés in Aida. We would like to thank kim for his helpfulness during this interview.

When did you discover your love for opera music?

My family passed to me their enthusiasm for opera music, for opera and music in general. Since I was a child I have been going to the theatre with my family, discovering that world, which was so unfamiliar, so magical, the world that became my life.

1990 has been a very important year for you. You have won the “Giacomantonio” competition in Cosenza, and have debuted playing the part of F.B. Pinkerton in Madame Butterfly. What were the emotions you have felt during those important moments of your career?

1990 was indeed a crucial year for my career, after so many years that I have spent studying and denying many things to myself, I started feeling the full sense of freedom that happens when you are singing. Since then, I had the first contacts with theatres and directors and I was satisfied, event though I had to make many sacrifices: I had to study constantly in order to improve myself, without losing heart. Talking about emotions is really difficult: every year, every season, every theatre, every show draws its incentives. Every time I go on stage, I have very intense feelings, because I can be myself, express what I feel and share new emotions.

If you had a different timber, what role would you like to play?

I have decided not to choose a role because I wanted to, but to choose it according to what my voice requested. It is not my voice which has to grant my wishes, but the opposite, and I think that if I had had a different timber, I would have had the same behaviour.

What is the experience that had you envolved the most during your career?

Every experience has something important in itself, even the littlest, because every casting is composed by a huge experience: meeting new colleagues, conductors and orchestras, in different places and with different ways of thinking. The first time I have sung in the Teatro della Scala playing the part of the groom in Lucia di Lammermoor, when I went on stage to take a call, the emotion was so strong I cried for joy. Another important moments in my career have been the meeting of great conductors, such as Muti, Mehta, Levine, Gavazzeni and others. All of them helped me improve professionally, each one of them transmitted something to me: one of the positive aspects of this job is the fact that you always grow up.

What are your plans for the future?

In the next years I will prepare important and though operas, speaking about my vocality: in 2007 I will debut with Turandot in Parma, then I will play Adriana Lecouvreur, Manon Lescaut, Otello, Andrea Chenier… So things could not be better.

What do you think about modern technology? Do you believe Internet could be an effective way to promote opera music?

I use Internet as a source of information, I think it is a huge library and a constantly-up-to-date newspaper. It is a great way to keep in touch with my family and with my friends, mostly when I am travelling, a time in which I need to feel next to home. So I acknowledge there are many positive aspects in modern technologies, and I think the web is an effective promotional channel, but I still believe that, speaking about theatre, it is better to live it in person.

September 2006


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