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Find out where you can buy, book and pick up tickets for the scheduled shows in the Arena di Verona

Authorized Sales Outlets

Thanks to the technical support of Geticket - Unicredit, tickets for our performances are sold by several authorized vendors, shown in the following list:
- Ticket vendors in Italy
- Ticket vendors Abroad
- Geticket is the online site authorized to sell our tickets 
- Unicredit branches 800323285

All legally recognized ticket sales circuits have a document entitled "Ticket purchase terms and conditions", valid for their sales channels. For any request or enquiry regarding payment, shipment, picking up tickets at the venue, possibility of choosing seats, etc., the ticket sale circuit that issued the ticket must be contacted directly. Since this procedure is carried out internally by these companies, Fondazione Arena di Verona has in fact no decision-making power on such matters.

Fondazione Arena di Verona declines any and all responsibility in the event of tickets being purchased from organizations other than the authorized ticket sale circuits indicated on our Web site.
Purchasing tickets from sources other than the aforementioned, it is possible to find inflated ticket prices, counterfeit tickets or tickets that are not valid, for which Fondazione Arena di Verona cannot be held responsible.
In the event of ticker irregularities being found at the entrance to a performance, Fondazione Arena di Verona reserves the right to refuse admission to the performance and the holder of the irregular ticket may be reported to the competent authorities for purchasing goods of doubtful origin or defrauding the organizer’s ticket sales circuit.

Notice to the users of online booking services

We kindly request you to report any type of abuse or irregularity regarding tickets to
Thanks for your valuable cooperation.

Become an official reseller

For information on how to become an authorised reseller for the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, please contact:


Unicredit Spa

Uff.Ticketing - Ticketing Service

Viale dell’Agricoltura, 1

37135, Verona